A Place to Serve

Nov 29, 2018

John 13:3-5, 34-35 (Contemporary English Version)

3 Jesus knew that he had come from God and would go back to God. He also knew that the Father had given him complete power. 4 So during the meal Jesus got up, removed his outer garment, and wrapped a towel around his waist. 5 He put some water into a large bowl. Then he began washing his disciples' feet and drying them with the towel he was wearing.


34 But I am giving you a new command. You must love each other, just as I have loved you. 35 If you love each other, everyone will know that you are my disciples.

Feet Washing 101

Are you kidding me? Washing feet? Gross! But wait, let’s remember that in biblical times people walked in sandals on dirt roads. They would get to a place and their feet were really dusty (and probably smelly). The servants who washed the guests’ feet were the absolute lowest of the low. Yet, Jesus (the son of God who had been given complete power) actually washed his disciples’ feet. And this happened during the Last Supper – the night he was arrested – the night before he was crucified! They should have been washing his feet, right? But Jesus was making a point. Love and care for one another and for all people not just a little, but to the extreme, just as he did for us. Practice radical hospitality. Welcome, love and serve ALL!

At Resurrection West, we work hard to follow the example of Jesus as we serve those in our community and beyond. We strive to supply food, clothing and other basic human necessities to those in-need and to also go beyond that and form relationships with those we serve – to turn the “us” and “them” into a “we”.

Here are just some of the service opportunities at West:

  • MEGA MISSION (MLK, Bless the Schools, Flourish Furnishings Ministry)
  • Serve Saturdays
  • Thanksgiving meal bags
  • JOY in Serving projects (including adopting families and delivering the gifts to the parents and the Ridgeview JOY store)
  • Sack Hunger and Home Run for Hunger food drives
  • Domestic and international mission trips
  • Ridgeview and Fairview Elementary school projects throughout the year
  • ESL program
  • Backpacks for Hunger program
  • Monthly lunch for those homeless and in-need at Central United Methodist Church
  • Coat and clothing drives
  • ...and so much more!

As we look to our Phase III building campaign, we remember that WE are the church, the body of Christ, his disciples on a mission of service and love. Buildings are tools to help us accomplish God’s call to action. At West, we are truly blessed! We have a wonderful and caring multi-generational congregation filled with many children and students. As we strive to provide more and more ways to serve, Phase III can provide spaces and places to help all ages promote, celebrate and enact Jesus’ command to love one other, just as he loves us.


Loving God, you have called us to know, love and serve you. In order to fully do so, we understand that we must serve our neighbors near and far with love and understanding. Grant us the courage, patience and strength to truly be your hands, your feet and your heart in this world. May your peace and light shine through us in this and every season. In the name of our Savior Jesus Christ we pray, Amen.

In partnership,

Pastor Chris