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We are building a church that will reach people for generations to come – there’s a spirit of excitement at what God is doing here!

New Nursery Space and Narthex

The Phase 2 expansion of Resurrection West includes new front doors for our church, a new Narthex for gathering as a community before and after services. We’re most excited about our new, permanent nurseries that will allow us to grow together as we become deeply committed Christians.

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In August of 2005, the call went out to The Church of the Resurrection for people who were willing to start a second Resurrection campus. By October, more than 100 households had signed up to help. These enthusiastic pioneers embraced the “go west” theme, invited their friends and neighbors to join them, and began meeting July 20, 2006, at Prairie Trail Junior High in Olathe, KS. More than 700 people worshipped at the official launch of Resurrection West on August 20. Many families came looking for opportunities for their children to grow in faith, and it wasn’t long before a second Sunday school hour was added.
Eager to serve, the congregation began serving in their community and sent the first Resurrection West mission team to help with hurricane relief in Mississippi. Small groups began and soon a Activity Center was leased near the West Campus offices for weekday classes and activities.

Ministry grew, but we felt that with a permanent location Resurrection West could accomplish even more – it was time to “put down roots!”

The Development Team studied the community, dreamed and planned, and in 2009, a permanent location for Resurrection West was found on a 19.5-acre parcel of land at the southwest corner of the K-7 and K-10 intersection in Olathe. Working with a team of architects, the congregation developed a design for facilities that would allow this campus to grow in ministry for years to come! The first phase would be a 19,000 square foot building, with occupancy planned for Christmas 2011. The congregation generously supported a capital campaign to raise the needed funds, and construction began on a brand new church home. On December 4, 2011, more than 1400 gathered to worship at Resurrection West’s new home – plus 340 children in Sunday school!

We continued to invite our friends and neighbors to join us at Resurrection West, and our space is filled with a congregation eager to worship, learn and serve together. Now it’s time for “branching out and making room for all!”

We’ve been in a time of prayer, discernment, and committee work revisiting the master plan to be sure we use God’s resources in the most efficient and effective way. You will see images of our revised master plan including a permanent Sanctuary seating 1600, with parking space close to 800, and enough classroom and nursery space to provide for hundreds of children. In the future plan, our current Sanctuary becomes the student center, providing a connectional, and relational space for teens to connect with God and with one another. Just near the student center will be the gymnasium for recreational ministry and sport. All of these spaces are designed to continue our mission of building a Christian community where non-religious and nominally religious are becoming deeply committed Christians.

Phase 2 Design

Our passion to extend radical hospitality and the incredible work by our KiDSCOR children’ ministry team has helped reach over 800 children. We’ve baptized over 80 newborns in the last two years and we do not currently have the adequate space in our nursery and classrooms to fulfill God’s call to make a generation of disciples. Children currently fill every open space available at peak worship times and families must walk downstairs to check on their infant’s care in our nursery.

The entry area to our building is small and congested making it difficult to greet and welcome visitors. We do not currently have a defined space for greeting, connection and conversation.

On many Sundays, we are at capacity in our morning services, adding chairs wherever we can find space. Our portable office building must be removed by the spring of 2017 and we need to create space for our staff. This will help us to offer important weekday care, ministry and hospitality as we continue to grow.

Main Level Notes:

  • New permanent front door into a large narthex space to welcome, greet, and offer hospitality to new visitors.
  • Renovation of current Sanctuary, relocating sound booth and moving soothing room near the front entrance. This adds some 200 new seats per service.
  • Expanding current kitchen area for food preparation and service.
  • Safe and secure nursery upstairs just beside Sanctuary and new Narthex.
  • Areas for coffee, conversation, and connection in the new Narthex space.

Lower Level Notes:

  • A total of 14 classrooms through renovation and addition for KiDSCOR Sunday School, midweek small groups, Bible studies, and more.
  • Moving office space into current nursery that doubles as classroom space.
  • Plans for future large kitchen and centrally located food preparation area (classroom in phase 2).
  • Children’s play space located near coffee, connection and conversation areas.

Master Plan Design

Four principles have guided our building design.

  • First impressions: We want to keep in mind the first-time visitor and their experience walking in our front door. Where is worship? Where do I take my kids? Where do I get a cup of coffee? How does it all work here? These questions were kept in mind as we sought to design space that put kids and community front and center.
  • Ministry pockets: We wanted to make space for the one-on-one conversations or moments of prayer and connection with ministry pockets through the design.
  • Sacred axis: We wanted to make space for the one on one conversation or moment of prayer and connection with ministry pockets through the design. We were intentional in creating a sacred axis that leads us toward the Sanctuary and Chapel to worship our Lord.
  • Integration with our property: We wanted to take advantage of this great property and its natural trees, drawing in the beauty of creation.