Resurrection West

Phase III

“For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven….”

Ecclesiastes 3:1

We are called to dream forward as the local church – the hands, feet, heart, and voice of Christ. In God we find strength to do more than we could ever imagine.

What can you imagine? I imagine a community in western Johnson county where people of all ages gather at the table. I imagine space where the seasons of life are celebrated together – from baby showers to a Confirmation banquet, a dream wedding, or a meaningful celebration of life. I imagine conferences and events where hundreds of women and men gather to grow through inspiring word and worship. I imagine a Serve Day where we pack over 100,000 meals to feed the hungry. I imagine hundreds upon hundreds of kids and teens growing in Christ as they practice sports skills and participate with their teams on game days. And I imagine full worship services on Sundays where a first-time visitor chooses between two entrances and easily finds a parking spot just for them.

Can you imagine it? Can you dream it? God can! And God can do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine when we respond with joy and generosity. God is calling us forward through sacrifice and commitment. Please begin now to pray how you will respond to God’s call to give and expand our church to change more lives, strengthen churches, and transform the world. My family and I are praying alongside you as we prepare to bring our gifts to God.

Excited for our future,

Pastor Jason

Over 70 people served on the Community Impact Team, led by Dave Rock, dreaming of what spaces we need to accomplish God’s mission here in Phase III.

Our Building Committee, led by Bret Sheffield, along with Gould- Evans architectural firm and A.L. Huber Construction have been hard at work planning and designing new and expanded spaces to fulfill God’s vision here.

Found People Find People

In this sermon from February 17, 2019, Pastor Jason dreams about the future of Resurrection West as we make room for all. Watch the video to hear the building committee’s design plans for site improvement, sanctuary expansion, and the addition of a Community Life Center.


From the beginning, Resurrection West has been a caring community that inspires us as we worship, grow in our faith, and serve God together.


Resurrection launched in 2006 with a committed group of pioneers. Meeting at Pioneer Trail Middle School, the congregation invited their friends and neighbors to join them in building a Christian community in western Johnson County.


19.5 acres was purchased on West Valley Parkway for a permanent home in 2009, and we “Put Down Roots” with construction of our first building, opening in December 2011.


Construction of permanent nursery, classrooms, café, Narthex, and permanent front doors opened in December 2016.

A Unique

We have continued to experience incredible growth as people of all ages and stages join us on this journey.

Life Together

In this sermon from February 24, 2019, Pastor Jason asked to imagine what could be possible when we commit ourselves to doing life together as a community of Christ-followers.

In the past year…

Rezlife youth group gatherings increased from 65 to 120 in attendance weekly.

More than 400 families are now involved in four different seasons of Upward Sports.

Worship increased from 797 to 920 on an average Sunday.

Student Sunday School increased from 10 to 42 per week, plus we had 50 confirmands in 2018.

KiDSCOR children’s ministry now reaches over 250 children each week.

Over 40 different community groups gather to grow in knowing, loving, and serving God.

A Bold Vision

What we hope to build and how the space might be used…

Our purpose at Resurrection West is to build a Christian community where non-religious and nominally religious people are becoming deeply committed Christians. As we hold true to this mission and move toward God’s vision of changing lives, strengthening churches, and transforming the world, please consider how the following four lives could be impacted by these new spaces…


…is 10 years old and her family is deeply involved at Resurrection West. She has two younger siblings and parents who are involved in growing and serving here. Lucy plays on one of our Upward basketball teams and practices weekly in preparation for her game. Her dad serves as her coach.

Imagine Lucy and her mom arriving on a Thursday evening for practice, with Lucy’s two younger siblings in tow. Dad comes ahead of them to prepare for practice and welcome the girls. They park and enter the newest entrance on the west end of our building taking them directly into the Community Life Center.

There is a family restroom located in the new lobby entry space that is convenient when Lucy’s younger brother needs to be changed. Mom motions to Lucy to head on down the stairs to the gym for practice as she moves into the family restroom, all the while looking through the second story glass to see Lucy enter into the gymnasium to join her team. Lucy’s mom also sees other parents in the stands across the court and looks forward to connecting with them.

At the end of practice Lucy’s team prays together and goes home with that week’s scripture card to work on at home.


…is 14 years old and arrives on a Wednesday evening with his mom to Rezlife youth group. He heads into the building, checks in and goes downstairs to the gymnasium for large group games. Mom parks and makes her way into one of the new Life Center classrooms for a parenting support group.

Tonight’s topic is about helping teens struggling with the pressures of adolescence. While the group cares and shares with one another, youth group moves from the gymnasium to a meaningful teen worship experience led by the youth praise band and a high school student sharing a testimony of faith. At the end of the night, mom and son meet in the new lobby area, grabbing some snacks from the concessions area as they connect with other teens and parents on how impactful tonight’s testimony at youth group was.


…came in every Monday morning to serve at the front desk inputting attendance from worship the day before. He brought donuts for the staff, even though his doctor wouldn’t allow him to eat them. He worked diligently each week inputting data that helped the church know who may be missing from worship so we could reach out in care. Each Sunday Bob ushered at the 5pm service at the entry doors and loved to clap and sometimes move a little as he sang praise with our worship team. He was always smiling, especially when Pastor Jason joined with him in song and praise.

In 2018, Bob went on to his eternal rest with God. Many of us grieved this loss, but we celebrated his life of service to God and to his country at the memorial service. Space was limited as we considered celebrating his life with a service and reception.

Imagine a future space that would allow family and friends to break bread around tables as they remember their loved ones. This new space would allow ample room for just such a celebration.


…is committed to our vision of changing lives by connecting hundreds of women to God through Community Groups for women, Thursday Live, and Building Better Moms. She’s been working for weeks with a group of women to plan the WOW (Women of West) Conference. Tonight is the conference.

She arrives early that afternoon to gather with a team of volunteers to prepare and decorate the multipurpose space, already set-up banquet style to seat 480. They begin the night sharing a meal and connecting around the tables. They then move to the Sanctuary for inspiring music and a speaker. At the end of the evening, the planning team invites the entire conference to stand and join hands together praying for God’s Spirit to send them forth to transform our community here in western Johnson county. At the door, one woman comments to Kathy how much she felt God’s strength and presence standing alongside so many sisters of faith.

No doubt by now you’ve realized that Lucy, Joe, Kathy, and Bob are members of our faith family at Resurrection West. They each have experienced God and community here in powerful ways, both growing and giving to our future. In casting this vision, I hope you’ll consider one more person – your neighbor. Imagine inviting your neighbor to our Fall Festival, where thousands come for a Kingdom party every year. Games, activities, costumes, hayrack rides, and more create a community experience that extends Christian hospitality beyond our walls. Imagine your neighbor being able to safely drive into the parking lot, navigate to our guest parking, enjoy a dinner with their family while our volunteer band plays some great tunes in the multi-purpose space, and where a team of volunteers are preparing food in the catering kitchen beside it. They stay and sit with you to see the fireworks show at dark and hear an invitation to worship with us the next day. They thank you for the invitation and ask what service you attend so they can join you in worship on Sunday.

Can you imagine them? In Ephesians Chapter 3, Paul writes a prayer and reminds the church that with God’s power working within us, we can accomplish far more than we could ever imagine. We look forward to hearing and sharing many more stories of people whose lives are changing because of your generosity toward God!


Our priorities for Phase III

Priority #1

Adding our second entrance/exit on West Valley Parkway, 120 new parking stalls, and reconfiguration for better traffic flow.

Priority #2

Expanding Sanctuary seating to 200 more seats by re-locating Audio/Video booth, moving soothing room to old vestibule closer to the main entry.

Priority #3

Expansion to the west with a Community Life Center addition, including multi-purpose space for recreation (gymnasium), events & receptions (seating at tables for 500), main level classroom spaces for small groups/classes, and a warming/concession kitchen.

Lower Level

What will it take?

Sacrificial Giving

We know that God has even greater plans for us. But, our dreams will require sacrificial gifts from each of us – gifts over and above our annual giving to our church.

Sacrificial giving is…


As you approach your commitment to God through this capital campaign, begin with prayer. Thank God for all of the blessings in your life and then ask God for guidance and discernment as to how to steward those blessings.

Over and Above

Your commitment to the capital campaign is a gift over and above your annual giving to your church. It may require changing how you spend your money, postponing purchases or doing without something. Each of us has different means and resources, but we can all share proportionately in sacrifice.


A commitment decision requires careful thought and time. It requires that you make plans, focus on your values and financial priorities, set goals and evaluate how your sacrifice serves as a means of glorifying God.

Thanksgiving & Worship

Your financial commitment is a way to say, “thanks be to God.” We acknowledge that everything we have is a blessing from God, and we joyfully return a portion to God.

Life Together

In this sermon from February 24, 2019, Pastor Jason asked to imagine what could be possible when we commit ourselves to doing life together as a community of Christ-followers..

Please spend time in prayer for our church as we prepare for this important investment in our future. As you pray, seek to discern God’s will for your giving to the building effort.

A Prayer of Stewardship

Dear God,

I humbly acknowledge that everything I have comes from and belongs to you, and I come to you filled with gratitude.

Lord, I desire to serve you and to invest in your work through my church. I ask for your wisdom and courage as I seek to determine your will for my life as it relates to the sharing of my financial blessings.

Please accept my gift and multiply it to fulfill your plans for The Church of the Resurrection West as we fulfill your mission in the world.

In Jesus’ name,