Welcome to the housewarming party!

In June, Church of the Resurrection will move into a new ministry home that includes “The Foundry” fellowship hall, worship space, classrooms for adult programs, kitchen facilities and space for our Matthew’s Ministry special needs.

These spaces will be vital tools for our ministry and mission, helping people connect with God and with one another. In this space, we will welcome thousands of new people to connect in Christian fellowship, grow in faith, experience healing and hope, and change the world.

The building is nearing completion, but we still need the finishing touches – things like furniture and equipment that will make the building a welcoming home. By providing a “housewarming gift,” those who were not able to participate in the capital campaign can still be part of this important moment in the life of our church and invest in ministry that will transform lives for years to come!

Every gift to the Housewarming Fund will be used to purchase equipment and furniture for the Commons, Matthew’s Ministry, Adult Classrooms, Kitchen and Foundry Hall.

The Foundry: A Place to Grow, Connect and Serve

Give a Housewarming Gift to Invest in the Future

You have the opportunity to give a one-time donation to represent an item – a housewarming gift – that will be used for ministry in the new space. Simply fill out this giving form to begin!

Upper Level

Main Level

Ways you can Help Finish the Foundry

Below are just a few examples of the items, at a variety of prices, that would make great housewarming gifts. Your one-time donation represents a gift of one of these items or a comparable item that will be used for ministry in the new space.


Classroom Chairs: $50

For Bible Study, Care Night and Adult Sunday School (30 per classroom)

Classroom Technology: $800

TV monitors and equipment for lessons and presentations


Spatulas, Ladles and Whisks: $5

Equip the kitchen

80 Qt. Stock Pots: $50

For soups, stews and chili

Commercial Kitchen Blender: $400

Appliances for food preparation

Foundry Hall

Round Tables for Fellowship: $250

Used to host dinners and life-changing discussions

Fellowship Hall Chairs: $85 each

For worship, fellowship, growth and care

Communion Ware: $60

For worship services held in the Foundry

Commons Area

Purpose, Vision and Journey: $180

Sponsor installation for one word of our defining statements

Soft Seating: $850

For the balcony overlooking the Commons

Mission Collection Bin: $275

Support the generous impact of in-kind donations

Children’s Play Area

1 Foot of Slide: $500

Purchase one foot of the slide that every kid will love

Marquee KiDSCOR Sign: $1000

Welcome children by sponsoring one letter

Matthew’s Ministry

Bakery Cooling Rack: $500

Job training supplies for our Sonflower Bakers

Therapeutic Cuddle Swing: $250

A specialty calming seat for children with special needs


Café Tables: $500

Create a place for conversation

Fireplace Arm Chairs: $850

Cozy furniture that draws people into the café

Why “The Foundry”?

In November of 1739, John Wesley, the founder of Methodism, preached outdoors to 7-8,000 people at the former site of a cannon foundry that was dilapidated and in disrepair. The building was purchased and renovated to become the home of Methodism in London for the next 38 years. A new society was founded at the renovated building, now known as the Foundry.

At the Foundry in the 1740s, Wesley preached, held prayer meetings and taught classes. Wesley and the Methodists also used this ministry tool to heed Jesus’ call to love your neighbors as yourselves. Through the Foundry they began providing basic medical care to the poor, started a school for poor children who roamed the streets, leased two houses for poor and elderly widows and started a fund to make small loans to help people get back on their feet.

Church of the Resurrection’s new ministry space is named The Foundry to remind us of our Methodist heritage and that loving God and neighbor are two integrally connected sides of the gospel.

The items will be purchased to help us fulfill our purpose and maximize the opportunity to welcome, connect, disciple and serve thousands of people. By contributing to this fund, you are making a tangible difference and also reducing the church’s debt for the project’s finishing touches. For questions or more information, contact Debi Nixon.

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