Leaders at Resurrection Downtown have been praying for the building campaign since before it began. We have the opportunity to build the first new church building in downtown Kansas City in over 80 years because of God’s might and through the power of prayer. Now, we ask you to join us in prayer for our community as we prepare to make our commitments to the building campaign and to listen for God’s voice leading us to new adventures. We invite you to use this resource as your guide.

Find an old photo of yourself and draw on it a heart of stone. Now find a recent photo of yourself and draw a heart of flesh. Place the two photos next to each other and think about all the change that has happened in your life and thank God for God’s loving enduring presence throughout seasons of change and growth.

Loving God, thank you for taking my heart of stone and making it into a heart of flesh, tender and full of passion. Thank you for saving me from my worst habits and transforming me into a new creation. Help me to never forget the sacrifice of your son Jesus and make me the kind of servant who gives sacrificially in the same way so that others might know your love, too. Amen.


  • In what ways has God’s love transformed your heart? How is your life different because of that love?
  • What is your response to experiencing God’s love?
  • What sacrifice is God calling you to make?