Message from Scott

Feb 23, 2016

Resurrection Downtown began as a collection of individuals and in six years has grown into a vibrant and diverse community residing in downtown Kansas City. God has made possible seemingly impossible things. With worship services packed to standing room only, children’s ministries that are bursting at the seams, and an ever-increasing commitment to mission and service…

God is inviting us once again to take a bold step of faith. God is calling us to transform the heart of the city by paving a parking lot and putting up paradise!

Wendy, Freddy and I hope you’ll join us on this holy adventure!

Grace and Peace,


Message from Scott

Resurrection Downtown is excited to continue building Christian community in the heart of downtown Kansas City. We are committed to making room for more people to worship, serve and grow with us, and to designing the right spaces for serving future generations.

From the Capital Campaign Co-Chairs

In just seven years, we have seen Resurrection Downtown grow from a collection of individuals into a vibrant and diverse community in downtown Kansas City. God has made seemingly impossible things.

Week 1 Prayer

As you travel throughout the city this week – to and from work, school, appointments, or leisure activities, consider all the people throughout different areas of our city who do not have a church home.

Week 2 Prayer

Find an old photo of yourself and draw on it a heart of stone. Now find a recent photo of yourself and draw a heart of flesh. Place the two photos next to each other and think about all the change that has happened in your life and thank God for God’s loving enduring presence throughout seasons of change and growth.


Prayerfully fill out your commitment card.

For the past seven years we have experienced God's amazing grace at Resurrection Downtown and this is just the beginning! We are asking you to please join us on this incredible adventure of changing lives, transforming the heart of Kansas City and renewing the church. We would love your commitment to devote your time, talent, prayer and heart to this endeavor. Over the next three weeks, please pray for vision and discernment as you consider your sacrificial gift and make your commitment.


Commitment Details

We invite sacrificial commitments through the duration of this project which extends through March 31, 2019. Every commitment matters. Please consider filling out a commitment card below.