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March 12, 2017

Message from Scott

Resurrection Downtown is excited to continue building Christian community in the heart of downtown Kansas City. We are committed to making room for more people to worship, serve and grow with us, and to designing the right spaces for serving future generations.

From the Capital Campaign Co-Chairs

In just seven years, we have seen Resurrection Downtown grow from a collection of individuals into a vibrant and diverse community in downtown Kansas City. God has made seemingly impossible things.

Week 2 Prayer

Find an old photo of yourself and draw on it a heart of stone. Now find a recent photo of yourself and draw a heart of flesh. Place the two photos next to each other and think about all the change that has happened in your life and thank God for God’s loving enduring presence throughout seasons of change and growth.

Week 1 Prayer

As you travel throughout the city this week – to and from work, school, appointments, or leisure activities, consider all the people throughout different areas of our city who do not have a church home.

Posted by Resurrection Downtown on Wednesday, June 28, 2017

CONSTRUCTION UPDATE #3: Water Retention No More! #rezDT

Posted by Resurrection Downtown on Thursday, June 15, 2017

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Resurrection Downtown's Construction Update!

Check out Pastor Scott and Kelly's first construction video update! #rezDT #greaterthings

Posted by Resurrection Downtown on Friday, May 12, 2017

Our Story

December 2009 Resurrection Downtown launched. Average worship attendance was 187 Adults.

December 2011 Purchased and renovated 1522 McGee (former Crosstown Station) and moved to three worship services with an average attendance of 675 adults.

June 2013 Opened our second location at 1508 Grand. Moved to five worship services and an average attendance of 800 adults.

January 2016 Our average worship attendance approached 1,000 adults and we had over 120 children enrolled in KiDSCOR. Our missions generosity doubled from the previous year and our community life programming was at an all-time high.

April 2016 We raised over $6.4 million in capital campaign commitments, surpassing our goal of $6 million.

Our City

Resurrection Downtown’s growth story hasn’t happened in isolation. Over the past four years our city has experienced and is experiencing a similar season of growth. The KC Streetcar was completed in April 2016. Since construction started, $1.79 billion of new development has been completed.

The Downtown population is estimated to grow by 42% in the next five years and by 20% in the next two years. There are currently 2,082 housing units under construction. An additional 2,249 housing units are planned for 2016. 4,331 new households are moving into the neighborhood by the end of this year.

Will Resurrection Downtown be ready to welcome them to our community?

Our Vision

Our new church building will…

Allow all of our people to gather together under one roof once again.

Alleviate over-capacity services and make room for people to invite others.

Enable continued growth and expansion of our children’s ministries.

Make available easily accessible onsite parking that is contiguous with our space.

Provide clearly defined entry points visible from every parking space.

Allow us to be leaders in the city’s “Making Grand Grand” initiative.

Building Plans


  • 1.2 Acres of land
  • 177 parking spaces
  • 15,236 square-foot building
  • 440 seat sanctuary

The entire 52,000 square-foot facility available on this 2.1-acre lot will be master-planned, but 15,236 square feet will be developed in the first phase combined with the purchase of the north half of the property. The remaining approximately 37,000 square feet will be developed coinciding with the purchase of property on the south half of the lot during the second phase.

Building Timeline

Transforming the Heart of Kansas City

September 2015

All Church Gathering voted to approve the purchase of the Kansas City Star parking lot and appointed a Building Committee to oversee our building project from design to completion.

December 2015

Received approval from the Kansas City Planning Committee for our Master Site Development Plan for our future building.

January 2016

Launched a Resurrection Downtown Capital Campaign with a public phase beginning February 13 and concluding March 6.

April 2016

Based on $6.4 million in capital campaign commitments, Resurrection Downtown’s Building Committee began work on design development and construction documents in conjunction with city requirements and approval processes.

Spring 2017

Break ground on the construction phase of our building project (contingent upon city approvals).

Late Spring 2018

Projected completion of construction for Phase One building (contingent upon city approvals).
When will it be ready?
We are hoping to break ground in March 2017. This would allow for an 12-15 month construction window, which would allow us to move in during the spring of 2018.
How much will it cost?
We are working with Gould Evans architects and AL Huber Construction to put together an accurate estimate, but at this point we expect the total project in addition to the property purchase associated with our first phase to be approximately $10.2 million.
Can we afford this?
We have done a pro-forma for this project. We have been pre-approved for bank financing up to $5 million. However, in addition to our pre-approved financing our hope is to raise at minimum the remaining project balance through sacrificial pledges, but our hope would be to minimize our need for financing as much as we can.
Will we sell our other building?
lf we continue to grow, this new facility will not be enough. We have a great building at 1522 McGee and are planning to continue offering services there in addition to hosting weddings, funerals and other creative programming including but not limited to youth space, adult classrooms and alternative worship venues.
What is the ideal size of Resurrection Downtown?
In October 2013, Resurrection Downtown commissioned a Vision Committee to dream up the ideal size for this community and ultimately set a vision that we would become a community worshiping between 2800-3200 people per weekend in worship. This number represents approximately 15-20% of the downtown population, which becomes a marker for culture change.
What does this mean for my family?
  • It will allows all of our people to gather together under one roof once again.
  • It will alleviate our currently over-capacity and standing-room only services, while creating additional space for people to invite others.
  • It will incorporate both indoor and outdoor space for people to connect relationally on worship weekends.
  • It will expand our space for KiDS COR Programs, Sunday School and Adult Classrooms. This project makes room for the continued growth and expansion of our vibrant children’s ministries and programming.
  • It will provide great space for easily accessible parking onsite contiguous with our space and clearly defined entry points.
  • It will off us increased visibility on Grand, which allows us to be leaders in the city’s “Making Grand Grand” initiative, while becoming a true neighborhood church.
Will there be a basement, kitchen, rooftop terrace, etc?
On September 27, 2015 at an All Church Gathering Resurrection approved a Building Committee to represent the church in making decisions in all matters pertaining to the construction of this new facility. Through the selection of architects and builders combined with the input of several subcommittees with representatives from the entire congregation, this collection of individuals represents the church’s best interests in maintaining our vision while faithfully stewarding our funds when it comes to making decisions about elements like basements, kitchens, rooftop terraces, etc. For more information, please reach out to Pastor Scott.

A Grand Vision Requires a Grand Sacrifice

Building in the heart of the city is an unimaginable opportunity that will come with equal sacrifice from each of us over the next three years. Sacrificial giving involves more than looking at your budget or pulling out your checkbook. It requires everything you have and all that you are. It requires that you go deeper by prayerfully attuning your heart to God’s desire.

A Pathway Toward Extravagant Generosity

Making your commitment requires prayerful thought and time. It is a spiritual exercise that pushes you to focus on your values and priorities. It’s a discipline that shapes your desire to better reflect God’s desire for your life.

Sacrificial Giving is Spirit Inspired

As you approach your commitment to God through this capital campaign, begin with prayer. Thank God for all of the blessings in your life and then ask God for guidance and discernment as to how to steward those blessings.

Sacrificial Giving is Sacrificial

Your commitment to the capital campaign is a gift over and above your annual giving to your church. It may require changing how you spend your money, postponing purchases or doing without something. Each of us has different means and resources, but we can all share proportionately in sacrifice.

Sacrificial Giving is Planned

A commitment decision requires careful thought and time. It requires that you make plans, set goals and evaluate how your sacrifice reorients your desire and serves as a means to glorify God.

Sacrificial Giving is an Act of Worship and Thanksgiving

Your financial commitment is a way to say “thanks be to God.” We acknowledge that everything we have is a blessing from God, and we joyfully return a portion to God.

Transform the Heart of the City Sermon Series

For the past seven years we have experienced God’s amazing grace at Resurrection Downtown and this is just the beginning. We believe our best years are ahead of us! We are asking you to join us on this incredible adventure of changing lives, transforming the heart of the city and renewing the church.

Join us for worship at any of the following times:

  • Saturdays: 5:10 pm
  • Sundays: 9 am, 10:45 am and 5 pm

Let us pray together daily…

God, grant us the vision to see the plans you have for your church, and the courage and boldness to pursue them fully. Amen.


Prayerfully fill out your commitment card.

For the past seven years we have experienced God's amazing grace at Resurrection Downtown and this is just the beginning! We are asking you to please join us on this incredible adventure of changing lives, transforming the heart of Kansas City and renewing the church. We would love your commitment to devote your time, talent, prayer and heart to this endeavor. Over the next three weeks, please pray for vision and discernment as you consider your sacrificial gift and make your commitment.


Commitment Details

We invite sacrificial commitments through the duration of this project which extends through March 31, 2019. Every commitment matters. Please consider filling out a commitment card below.

Glory to God, who is able to do far beyond all that we could ask or imagine by his power at work within us; glory to him in the church and in Christ Jesus for all generations, forever and always. Amen.

Ephesians 3:20-21

Do you have questions?

We’d love to hear from you! To ask us a question immediately, use the contact form. Or please consider joining us in person for worship at any of the following times:

  • Saturdays: 5:10 pm
  • Sundays: 9 am, 10:45 am and 5 pm

We will be discussing our plans to Transform the Heart of the City for the next few weeks. Learn more about the sermon series at

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