It's time to SHINE

Resurrection Blue Springs

Join Us On This Exciting Adventure!

In five and a half short years, Resurrection Blue Springs has quadrupled in size. It is the fastest growing campus of Resurrection. There is still room to grow but we believe some renovations to our current building will go a long way toward welcoming our guests and add some much needed space. We’re excited to share these plans with you.
Join us for worship at any of the following times:

  • WORSHIP Sundays: 9 am and 10:45 am
  • KiDSCOR Children’s Ministry: K-5th grade Sunday School at 9 am and 10:45 am

Our Story

Resurrection Blue Springs launched in 2010 after Church of the Resurrection received an invitation to begin a fourth location in Blue Springs at a former United Methodist site. We accepted the challenge and invited friends, neighbors and the former church members to join in this great adventure to change lives, transform communities and renew the church. At our first worship service on August 8th, Pastor Adam Hamilton cast the vision to reach out into the surrounding community. Campus Pastor Penny Ellwood began leading this eager congregation in developing ministries and programs to  welcome all. Within a year we had doubled in worship attendance leading to the start of a second worship service We have continued to invite friends and neighbors, and the space has begun to fill with a congregation eager to worship, learn, and serve together. In five short years, we are approaching 300 in worship with more than 70 children and youth participating in Sunday morning programs.

Our Vision

We are committed to the community, and are eager to welcome new visitors each week and create a safe inviting space for children to grow. We have some ability to accommodate additional growth in worship and KiDSCOR but are limited in the ability to: 1) receive our guests with the radical hospitality that we hold as a high value at Resurrection and 2) invite our congregation to linger and engage in community. Our Campus Advisory Team and Staff has been in a time of prayer, discernment, and imagining how we might use our current building in the most efficient and effective way possible to uphold our values until we are ready to create a long-range plan for expansion.  We believe we’ve come up with a creative solution to improve first impressions and provide the radical hospitality that continues our mission of building a Christian community where non-religious and nominally religious people are becoming deeply committed Christians.

Our Plan

Renovate current space to provide:

  1. A large, open and inviting gathering space for conversation and strengthening relationships, and for welcoming members, visitors and the community.
  2. Additional security measures for KiDSCOR on Sunday mornings and a space dedicated entirely to children/youth.
  3. An additional classroom for Adult/Youth Sunday morning education and other programs throughout the week.
  4. A gender-neutral family restroom accessible to the community.

The plan allows us to practice good stewardship by maximizing the use of our current building space to extend radical hospitality and ensure the safety of our children so that our guests are encouraged to linger and engage in the community life at Resurrection.

Our Project


Our goal is to raise $100,000 for the renovation project through sacrificial gifts from our congregation – gifts given in addition to our regular tithes and offerings. Once plans are finalized and approved, construction will take approximately 60 days. Specific areas to be remodeled are:

  1. Open up the east entrance and office space to provide a flexible, accessible and spacious gathering area for hospitality and community gatherings and events.
  2. Enclose an under-utilized area of the chancel for a new pastor’s office so that the current Pastor’s office might become a conference/classroom for Adults on Sunday.
  3. Relocate the entrance to the KiDSCOR area by moving the existing doors to Fellowship Hall beyond kitchen entrance to improve security measures.
  4.  Swap a hidden single restroom with an adjacent closet in KiDSCOR entrance area to create a uni-sex family restroom.
  5. Add a closet at the back of the sanctuary to create needed storage space.

Building Timeline

Construction plans for Resurrection Blue Springs

February 14 & 21

“Time to Shine” sermon series

February 28

Follow up Commitment Sunday

March 8

Announce Commitments

April 2016

Design development and construction documents for city requirements and approval processes.

May 2016

Seek city approval and permitting and determine “finishings” for final project

Summer 2016

Construction (approx. 90 days)

Our Sacrifice

Each of us has an opportunity to invest in the future of our church by giving sacrificially over the 12 month period of this remodeling project. Sacrificial giving is a spiritual exercise that pushes you to focus on your values and priorities. It’s a discipline that shapes your desire to better reflect God’s desire for your life.


As you begin practicing sacrificial giving, consider some of the ways you can contribute:


Is there something you were planning to purchase that could be postponed? What if you waited a year to update your family cellphone plans?


Do you have a tax refund or a raise or bonus coming? If you held a family garage sale could you give the proceeds for the project?


Could you cut back on your coffee habit, or give up going out to dinner once a month for the next year? What if you had a family game night instead of going to the movies?


Is your charitable giving in line with your priorities?


Prayerfully fill out your commitment card.

Join us in this venture to extend the reach of our hospitality and to experience the joy of giving.
Make a commitment to devote your time, talent, energy and prayer to this project. 


Commitment Details

Your commitment is to be returned in worship the weekend of February 21.
The duration of each commitment is one year.
The commitment period begins on April 1, 2016, and extends through March 31, 2017.

Let us pray together daily.

Lord, grant us the vision for a future that enables us to be a light to our community and a beacon that guides to you. We trust you with all things. Amen.