Let's not get tired of doing good, because in time we'll have a harvest if we don't give up.

Galatians 6:9 (CEB)

We’re on an amazing journey, but we’re not finished…

Construction of the new sanctuary, missions space, prayer walk and parking lots is nearing completion, but we’re not finished yet. Our 10,000 Reasons campaign also prepared the way for the renovation of our current sanctuary, creating a Fellowship Hall, Vibe worship space, 20 classrooms for our adult programs, kitchen facilities and space for our special needs ministry. These spaces are critical to our ministry and mission.

Our buildings will connect people with God and one another.

Fostering Christian Community

The sanctuary is clearly important, but just as important is creating places for fellowship, for community, for small groups and for people to connect with others – breaking bread together. To that end, our current narthex is slated to become “The Commons” – a place with soft seating, an enlarged café and a children’s play area – where people will gather before and after worship and during the week to experience Christian community.

Growing Deeper in Faith

We are transforming the mezzanine area of our current sanctuary into a two-story classroom facility for adult Sunday School, week-day Bible study, small groups and more, all aimed at helping people to become deeply committed Christians. The main floor of the current sanctuary will be converted into our Fellowship Hall for church meals and large groups, and to be used for worship on Sundays for Vibe and other future worship services at various hours.

Serving Others

The renovation of our current sanctuary will allow us to expand Care Night, Grow Night and discipleship offerings, Matthew’s Ministry, and groups for Young Adults, Building Better Moms, Senior Adults and Crossroads, as well as creating a space for everything from blood drives to mission events.

Invite & Inspire

Through worship in this sacred space we will connect with God and experience the message of redemption and hope through Jesus Christ. Our journey of knowing, loving and serving God doesn’t end in the sanctuary. We continue to grow in our faith through classes, groups, service and fellowship. The renovation of the current sanctuary will make this possible.

Tools for Ministry

Buildings are only tools for ministry, but the right tools are essential for ministries to continue to be vital and have impact in the future. We believe God will use Church of the Resurrection to change the lives of tens of thousands of people over the next twenty years.

The Commons

Transforming the current Narthex into our Commons creates a central gathering space for our church family. With natural light and soft seating, a café serving simple meals and beverages, and a bookstore filled with resources for personal and group study, this welcoming space will become the hub for our entire congregation.
With easy access to the new Fellowship Hall, adult classrooms and the children’s wing, this space welcomes children and families before and after worship, Sunday School and midweek programs. Children will love the new indoor play area!

Fellowship Hall

The current sanctuary becomes our Fellowship Hall. In this space, our community will be able to connect with one another and grow in faith, through classes, dinners, conferences, and events. Mid-week programs like Care Night, Grow Night and Building Better Moms will be able to welcome new people to experience the fellowship and support of a caring community.

Worship Space

On weekends, the Fellowship Hall becomes additional worship space. This modern space will be a comfortable and welcoming environment for all ages. The proximity and easy access to classrooms for adults and children will allow families to both worship together and participate in Sunday School and adult classes and groups on Sunday mornings. Smaller, flexible seating sections will help create a sense of shared community.


Replacing the mezzanine of the current sanctuary will be two floors of classrooms. With convenient access from the Commons, a variety of meeting spaces will be available for Care Night classes, support groups, Bible studies and small groups throughout the week and on Sundays. The proximity to nurseries and children’s wing will make it easy for busy families to share a meal and then join classes.

Matthew’s Ministry, Bakery & Kitchen

Matthew’s Ministry will have dedicated space for classes, fellowship and their bakery. These spaces will be designed specifically to serve more than 300 children, youth and adults with special needs and their families.

A well-equipped kitchen will be just east of the Fellowship Hall for preparing and serving fellowship meals and supporting ministry events throughout the week will bring our community together.

Finishing What We Started

We stand at an historic moment.

In a few weeks, we will open the doors to our permanent sanctuary, an inspired design, infused with symbolism and meaning. If we do our part, this beautiful sanctuary will draw new people and help ensure the strength of this congregation for generations to come.

They will visit, but what happens next?

Entering the new sanctuary, people will be inspired. Will they take a next step and connect with others? Where will they gather to study the scriptures and find meaning and purpose for their lives? Will they discover the blessings of Christian fellowship and discover hope and redemption in times of trouble?

Once remodeled, our current sanctuary will help us Finish What We Started.

With the right tools, people will be drawn to worship and go deeper in ministries that offer fellowship, healing and growth. Upon the completion of these buildings, our congregation will reach farther and deeper than before. In these buildings, we will welcome thousands of new people, break bread, connect in Christian fellowship, offer ministries of healing and growth, grow in faith and change the world.

At the conclusion of the 10,000 Reasons capital campaign giving period this March, we estimate an $60 million in donations toward the new sanctuary and the renovation of our current sanctuary.

The Finishing What We Started campaign will fund the transformation of our current sanctuary into a fellowship hall, Vibe worship space, classrooms, commons, kitchen and a home for Matthew’s Ministry. It will also help reduce what we’ll need to borrow for the sanctuary, putting more of our tithes and offerings into ministry.

Campaign Goal: $25,000,000

Our hope is to raise at least $25 million, which will completely pay for the remodeling of the current sanctuary and narthex and reduce the amount we’ll need to borrow for our permanent loan to just $12 million.

New Sanctuary Construction

Current Sanctuary Renovations

Total Cost

Total Cost

10,000 Reasons Campaign

Current Campaign Goal

Debt Remaining

If we stretch to $37,000,000

If our congregation members were to pass our goal and pledge $37 million, we can truly Finish What We Started, completely paying for the remodeling and the cost of the sanctuary within just three years. If the buildings were paid for, the church would have an additional $1.5 million to use for mission and ministry each year.

Not equal gifts, but equal sacrifice

Our capital campaign commitment over the next three years represents a sacrificial gift – the giving up of something you might otherwise have spent this money on in order to make possible these spaces where people’s lives will be changed. This is a gift over and above your annual giving, which supports the ministry of the church.

Our hope is that many who committed in our last campaign will continue their pledge for the next three years. We hope some will increase their pledge and that those who did not participate in the last campaign will join us in this effort.

Moving Forward

God has blessed and used Church of the Resurrection for the past 26 years. Thousands of people have found a community here where they are growing in their faith on a journey to know, love, and serve God. This is just the beginning. We are committed to Finishing What We Started and providing a place all, for years to come.

Our Prayer for Vision

Lord God,

As we look to transform our current sanctuary into spaces for ministry with men and women, singles and families, young adults and senior adults, and persons with special needs, please guide me.

Help me to know what part you would have me play in making these dreams a reality. Help me see the sacrifice you would call me to make to provide spaces for people to grow deeper in their faith, to find support when they are struggling, and to experience real Christian fellowship.

In Jesus’ name.


Investing in the Future

God has blessed and used Church of the Resurrection to change lives, transform communities and renew the church for the past 26 years. This is just the beginning, and we are committed to Finishing What We Started with the right tools to be a welcoming and vital church for generations to come. Each of us is here because sacrificial gifts were made to build a place where people would become committed followers of Jesus Christ who are equipped and inspired to share their faith beyond the walls. Now we have the opportunity to do this for others.

As you approach your commitment,

  • Begin with prayer, asking God for guidance and discernment.
  • Consider what a sacrificial gift might look like for you.
  • Determine the amount of your three-year commitment.
  • Decide how you will give your gift.
  • Complete your commitment card.
  • Continue to pray for your church and this capital campaign.
Have questions about Finishing What We Started? Let us know using the form below!

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